A full refund will be provided if the request is received before the funds from the campaign are transferred to us by Gamefound. The funds are usually transferred within 30 days of the campaign ending, but could be earlier, so you will need to submit a support ticket here: https://petersengames.com/support/ to find out if the funds have been transferred.

After Gamefound has transferred the funds to us, such a refund will be at our exclusive discretion and will be net of handling costs, Gamefound commissions, credit card processing fees and other expenses we incur while processing the refund (15%). This fee applies to both Gamefound backers and Late backers. In the event that a refund is given through Paypal, any fees that Paypal charges for the transaction will also be deducted from the refund.

Refunds and/or cancellation requests will only be considered before we set the print run size for mass manufacturing with our factory in China, which takes place upon the posted payment deadline for the pledge manager. If the print run size has not been set and the pledge manager is still open, refunds can only be offered up to a year after a payment has been made. After a year, our credit card processor will no longer allow us to issue refunds. In most cases we cannot issue a refund if we are unable to process the refund back to your credit card. In such a case we will give you credit towards our web store or to the open campaign of your choice.

If you fail to check out and pay for your order, including shipping costs, before the posted payment deadline, you may be forfeiting your products. Unclaimed games will be released after the closing date to online and retail sales since we lose money on unclaimed games due to storage fees.

These policies may be modified or changed at any time. For the most up to date refund and cancellation please refer to this page: https://petersengames.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/48001173735-petersen-games-gamefound-terms-conditions