The Onslaught 4 printing of the Speaker Faction Spellbook Punch Card was misprinted and is missing the Energy Nexus Spellbook.

We are currently working to have corrected copies of the Energy Nexus Spellbook made and added to orders that have not shipped yet - but we still do NOT have these available. When they are, in many cases the retail store or distributor will receive the corrected version and supply it to you. If you received your copy before we were able to include the corrected spellbook, you can submit a support ticket with us and we will either put you on a list to get the corrected copy or let you know how you can receive it.

If you are in the UK, Spiral Galaxy should be supplying the corrected spellbook to their customers that ordered directly from them and to the retail stores that they supply to. However, as above, please note that Spiral Galaxy does NOT yet have these corrected spellbooks. 

In the meantime you can download the PDF of the corrected Sleeper Spellbook here: