Original 2013 KS - Onslaught 1 Product Code 
Cthulhu Wars Core GameCW-CG
Cthulhu Wars Core Game O2 editionCWO2
Cthulhu Wars Core Game O3 editionCWO3
Opener of the Way Faction ExpansionCW-F1
Sleeper Faction ExpansionCW-F2
Windwalker Faction ExpansionCW-F3
Azathoth Neutral ExpansionCW-F4
Primeval Map ExpansionCW-M1
Dreamlands Map ExpansionCW-M2
Yuggoth Map ExpansionCW-M3
6-8 Player Earth MapCW-M4
Dreamlands Surface Monster ExpansionCW-U1
Dreamlands Underworld Monster ExpansionCW-U2
High Priest ExpansionCW-U3
Great Old One Pack 1CW-GOO1
Great Old One Pack 2CW-GOO2
Great Old One Pack 3 (Gobogeg)CW-GOO3
Atlach NachaCW-G2
Chaugnar FaugnCW-G5
Father DagonCW-G8
King in YellowCW-G12
Mother HydraCW-G13
Rhan TegothCW-G15
Shub NiggurathCW-G16
H.P. Lovecraft First Player MarkerCW-E1
Asenathe Waite First Player MarkerCW-E2
Custom DiceCW-E3
Signed Art Print HPLCW-E4
Signed Art Print AsenatheCW-E5
Signed Art Print CthulhuCW-E6
Signed Art Print Black GoatCW-E7
Signed Art Print Crawling ChaosCW-E8
Signed Art Print Yellow SignCW-E9
Thick Punchboard Faction CardsCW-E10
Collector's Edition MinisCW-E-CE
Onslaught 2: Product Code 
The Tcho-Tchos Faction ExpansionCW-F5
Great Library at Celaeno Map ExpansionCW-M5
Great Old One Pack 4CW-GOO4
Cosmic Terrors PackCW-U5
Ramsey Campbell Horrors 1CW-RC1
Ramsey Campbell Horrors 2CW-RC2
Upgraded Cardstock itemsCW-E11
6-8 Player Primeval MapCW-M6
6-8 Player Dreamlands MapCW-M7
6-8 Player Yuggoth MapCW-M8
6-8 Player Library of Celaeno MapCW-M9
6-8 Player Map PackCW-M10
The Omega Master Rulebook - HARDCOVERCW-E12
The Omega Master Rulebook - SOFTCOVERCW-E16
Shining Trapezohedron Plastic Marker PackCW-E15
20 extra Battle Dice!CW-E13
Custom Dice Pack CW-E14
Colour Out of Space Gate PackCW-U7
Homebrew Faction + Collectibles '15CW-U8
Eldritch Gate Pack (Combined Gates)CW-U9
Nightguant 3 PackCG-B1
Onslaught 3: Product Code 
The Ancients FactionCW-F6
Shaggai MapCW-M11
6-8 Player Shaggai MapCW-M12
Oversized 3-5 Player Earth MapCW-M13
Masks of NyarlathotepCW-U10
Beyond Time and SpaceCW-U11
Alternate Faction AcolytesCW-U12
Dire CthulhuCW-U13
Dire AzathothCW-U27
Brown JenkinCW-U29
The Tcho-Tchos Faction Expansion O3CW-F5-O3
Eldritch Gate Pack O3CW-U9-O3
High Priest Expansion O3CW-U3-O3
The Omega Master Rulebook - HARDCOVER O3CW-E12-O3
3mm Die Cut Faction Card Pack O3CW-E10-O3
Battle Dice - CthulhuCW-U14
Battle Dice - Black GoatCW-U15
Battle Dice - Crawling ChaosCW-U16
Battle Dice - Yellow SignCW-U17
Battle Dice - OpenerCW-U18
Battle Dice - SleeperCW-U19
Battle Dice - WindwalkerCW-U20
Battle Dice - Tcho-TchoCW-U21
Battle Dice - AncientsCW-U22
Battle Dice - SilverCW-U23
Battle Dice - ALL 200 DiceCW-U24
Unnameable Set!CW-U25
Neutral Unit Identifiers
 (colored rings for bases)
3mm Doom and Ritual TracksCW-E17
Stretch Goal BoxCW-E20
JUST maroon HPL
 (no packaging, just in box)
JUST maroon Asenath Waite
 (no packaging, just in box)
JUST the 8 Investigators
 (no packaging, just in box)
JUST the 9 Neutral Grey Acolytes
 (no packaging, just in box)
JUST a single Ancients colored High Priest!CW-E25
Onslaught 4 - The Final Onslaught Product Code 
The Daemon Sultan FactionCW-F7
The Elder ShoggothCW-U31
Bubastis FactionCW-F8
Giant Albino PenguinCW-U32
Something About Cats BoxCW-U33
13 CatsCW-Cats
Gold Cat Battle DiceCW-U34
Neutral Unit Identifiers for BubastisCW-U35
Daemon Sultan Battle DiceCW-U36
Neutral Unit Identifiers for Daemon SultanCW-U37
Classic Acolytes and High Priest
 for Daemon Sultan
Tcho Tcho TribesCW-U39
9-11 Earth Map (neoprene)CW-M14
CW Ultimate Errata PackCW-E26
Cthulhu Wars French Version Product Code 
CTHULHU - Wars Core Game French VersionCW-VF-CG
Cthulu Wars Onslaught 3 Core Game
 French Version
Die Cut Faction CardsCW-VF-E10
Upgraded Cardstock itemsCW-VF-E11
Opener of the Way Faction ExpansionCW-VF-F1
The Sleeper Faction ExpansionCW-VF-F2
Windwalker Faction ExpansionCW-VF-F3
Azathoth Faction ExpansionCW-VF-F4
Great Old One Pack 1CW-VF-GOO1
Great Old One Pack 2CW-VF-GOO2
Great Old One Pack 3 (Gobogeg)CW-VF-GOO3
Great Old One Pack 4CW-VF-GOO4
Primeval Map ExpansionCW-VF-M1
Dreamlands Map ExpansionCW-VF-M2
Yuggoth Map ExpansionCW-VF-M3
Great Library at Celaeno Map ExpansionCW-VF-M5
CW O2 FRENCH Translation PackCW-VF-O14
Ramsey Campbell Horrors 1CW-VF-RC1
Dreamlands Monster Surface ExpansionCW-VF-U1
Dreamlands Monster Underworld ExpansionCW-VF-U2
High Priest ExpansionCW-VF-U3
Cosmic Terrors PackCW-VF-U5
The Ancients Faction-FrenchCW-VF-F6
Shaggai Map-FrenchCW-VF-M11
Masks of Nyarlathotep-FrenchCW-VF-U10
Beyond Time and Space-FrenchCW-VF-U11
Dire Cthulhu-FrenchCW-VF-U13
Dire Azathoth-FrenchCW-VF-U27
Brown Jenkin-FrenchCW-VF-U29
3mm Doom and Ritual Tracks-FrenchCW-VF-E17
Stretch Goal Box-FrenchCW-VF-E20
The Tcho-Tchos Faction Expansion-FrenchCW-VF-F5
The Omega Master Rulebook -
Core Game Translation Pack VFCW-VF-E18
Core + Original Expansions Tr. Pack VFCW-VF-E19
Cthulhu Wars German Version Product Code 
Cthulu Wars Onslaught 2 Core Game
 German Version
The Ancients Faction-GermanCW-DE-F6
Shaggai Map-GermanCW-DE-M11
Masks of Nyarlathotep-GermanCW-DE-U10
Beyond Time and Space-GermanCW-DE-U11
Dire Cthulhu-GermanCW-DE-U13
Dire Azathoth-GermanCW-DE-U27
Brown Jenkin-GermanCW-DE-U29
3mm Doom and Ritual Tracks-GermanCW-DE-E17
Stretch Goal Box-GermanCW-DE-E20
Cthulhu Wars core game-German CW-DE
Opener of the Way Faction Expansion-GermanCW-DE-F1
Sleeper Faction Expansion-GermanCW-DE-F2
Windwalker Faction Expansion-GermanCW-DE-F3
Azathoth Neutral Expansion-GermanCW-DE-F4
The Tcho-Tchos Faction Expansion-GermanCW-DE-F5
Cosmic Terrors Pack-GermanCW-DE-U5
High Priest Expansion-GermanCW-DE-U3
The Omega Master Rulebook -
3mm Die Cut Faction Card Pack-GermanCW-DE-E10
Core Game Translation Pack DE CW-DE-E18
Core + Original Expansions Tr. Pack DECW-DE-E19