Q. When will the Ghoul Island pledge manager close?

A. Late October 2019 (this date is tentative and subject to change)

Q. What is the estimated ship date for Ghoul Island?

A. Act 1 late October 2019; Act 2 late Nov. 2019; Act 3 late Dec. 2019; Act 4 late January 2020 (these dates are estimates and subject to change)

Q. Can I save shipping by having the full Campaign ship all at once?

A. Yes. In the Pledge Manager (after the Kickstarter), you'll have the option of getting Acts 2-4 shipped monthly OR shipped all together (when Act 4 is ready). It will cost slightly more to have them shipped as they are released.

 Q. I'm a Graveyard Ghoul - but I want the bundle to be shipped all together (to save on shipping). Doesn't that negate the very point of getting the first print run earlier (in October)?

 A. No. You won't be penalized in terms of shipping costs for getting the first Act shipped separately, first. Acts 2-4 for you will all still ship at once, when Act 4 is ready. 

Basically, I'll make it so that the overall shipping cost for those who are Graveyard Ghouls AND get the Campaign bundle to be shipped together have the same total shipping cost as Catacombs Ghouls who get the Campaign bundle to have all four shipped together. Thus, while the costs are ENTIRELY the same for Graveyard and Catacombs Ghouls, it's still better to be a Graveyard Ghoul, since you get Act 1 sooner!